A Lucrative Career in Audio Engineering

Gamers have long been enthralled by what gaming can do, where it can take place, and for whom. Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry; their variety and scope are only growing. Video games can be played on personal computers, cell phones, handheld consoles, gaming consoles, video game machines, the Internet, and other electronic devices. Gamers are drawn to what they perceive as thrills and excitement that these games bring.

A video game is usually an electronic game that entails interaction with a human user interface or physical input device, including a joystick, game pad, keyboard, stick, or motion detecting device. It can take the form of a single player game, a multiplayer game, an arcade game, a first person shooter, a role-playing game, or an RPG (role playing game) wherein the player assumes the role of a character and acts in virtually real-time in an attempt to accomplish some purpose or accomplish a mission. The player controls a virtual character who attempts to accomplish various objectives within the game environment. This type of game is typically played on personal computers or game consoles.

Gamers are attracted to what they perceive as thrills and excitement that these games bring. Gamers get so caught up in this “high” that they often spend many hours zoning out in front of their computer, tuning to their favorite shows or websites, and often checking their email. The entertainment provided by video games fuels the desire of many to participate in the industry. This desire to participate drives the need for video game programmers, who seek employment from the gaming industry. While it is unlikely that employment in the gaming industry will ever reach its peak, positions available in the industry are vast and increasing everyday.

Gamers are attracted to graphics and sound that is unmatched in the video games industry, although all aspects of game design are equally important. Video gamers are drawn to audio designs that surpass other forms of entertainment. A well designed audio track is essential to creating an atmosphere that is captivating and holds the attention of the gamer. Audio design is not only about providing a quality soundscape, but it also adds credibility and a level of importance to video games because it is what makes them what they are.

In the gaming industry, audio engineers must take an active role in video games. Gamers have a multitude of items to do while they are playing. These activities include chatting with friends, interacting with other players, building relationships and racing against the clock. All of these activities require that an individual who is participating in these activities should be able to hear their commands and be able to follow them. Audio engineering provides the ability to perform these tasks and provide a level of clarity that video gamers are seeking.

As technology advances, video games will become more lifelike with the addition of new elements such as motion sensor technology and holographic features. Gamers are able to experience the thrill of racing against a rival, all while listening to the fine quality sounds coming from your gaming computers. Audio engineering is a very important element of gaming computers. Without it, video games would be little more than robotic productions that lack the luster and human element. Gamers expect a bit of interaction with their game characters and audio is the easiest way to provide this. Audio engineers not only make video games more lifelike, but they add another dimension to the gaming experience.