Become a Game Journalist


Become a Game Journalist

GAME NEWS is a video game website that concentrates on Nintendo gaming news. Although Nintendo is no longer the primary sponsor of this site, they are still a major contributor to its success. You will find all the latest news, reviews, and opinions on Nintendo games here. I personally contribute this content as a game reviewer, so my opinions may be biased.

The first thing you will notice when entering the website is that it is not like any other game review sites. There is no editorialize written on the front page. Instead, all you are going to see is a plethora of links to all the different Nintendo Wii game sites. This is because this site was created to provide Nintendo gamers with as much current gaming information as possible. It has to be difficult for gaming enthusiasts to find quality Nintendo material on the Internet.

Fortunately, there are strict guidelines that the Game News Team follows. They do not just allow anyone who claims to know how to write good video gaming reviews to contribute to their site. These individuals must meet certain qualifications that prove them to be legitimate game journalists. Before they can qualify to write a Game News Article, they must fulfill a few simple requirements. I will tell you more about those below.

The first requirement is to have experience in video gaming. There is no reason why anyone with no experience could contribute to this site. If a journalist can’t beat the odds then he doesn’t deserve to beat the games. The next requirement is to have lived in North America for a minimum of five years. Not having lived anywhere else in the world is also an important qualification.

This means that anyone who comes to the United States to seek work in the video game industry must have lived here for at least five years. It also means that the person must have at least three arcade video game journalism articles published online in any recognized online newspaper or magazine. They can be picked up from a number of sources. They do not have to be published in a major gaming magazine. Just as the rules for Game News aren’t set in stone, they don’t have to be published in the same magazine that GameSpot is published in. They can be written for a variety of different gaming publications.

One final requirement of those wanting to become Game News correspondents is to upload ten videos on YouTube. This is a relatively small requirement but it does ensure that the person has actually been playing video games for a while. Uploading ten quality game videos that showcase your skills as a game informer is a good way to get noticed by major gaming journalism outlets. The video gaming journalists who choose to subscribe to the Game Report team are very serious about their work and they know that they need to present themselves in the best possible light to increase the chances of their being accepted to work for the company. If you want to become one of the next wave of Game News correspondents, then you will definitely need to start producing your own video Game News reporting.