Game News Network And Kotaku โ€“ A Partnership For Video Gaming Enthusiasts


Game News Network And Kotaku โ€“ A Partnership For Video Gaming Enthusiasts

Among all the gaming magazines in the market, GAME TODAY is one of the few that provides a unique and interesting perspective on video games. In essence, this magazine is more of a newsweekly than a gaming magazine. It brings you all the latest news about video games from Hollywood, the U.S. and Europe as well as Asia. This particular magazine provides a unique opportunity for video game journalism. Here, gaming enthusiasts can read up-to-date news and reviews on virtually every major video game.

Several writers are assigned to provide gaming news and reviews, both for print and online. These game journalists have undergone formal training, often having spent several years getting their education at journalism schools before obtaining employment as professional game journalists in the field. They have their own writing style which is very similar to news reporters.

All the featured games are reviewed by Game News Wire. The staff of Game News Wire is made up of professional video gaming journalists who have a thorough understanding of the video gaming industry. This team of dedicated and knowledgeable game journalism professionals use a rigorous judging process to select the best games each month. They make sure to only review games which are new, fresh and best in terms of quality. They also strive to retrieve interviews with game designers, marketers, executives and other players.

Readers can look forward to getting a wide variety of special features in the monthly issues of both Game News Network and GameSpot. This includes a news summary of recent events, in-depth reviews of all-time favorite games, notable game emulators and a spot for new games journalism competitions and polls. The latter feature is an important one, considering the sheer number of new games released each month. Readers can register to either Game News Network or GameSpot newsletters to keep informed of the latest video games news. Both websites have live forums where readers can chat with other members and get the latest updates on video game journalism.

Another noteworthy website is kotaku. Similar to GEMINI, kotaku is a highly regarded video game magazine covering all facets of the video gaming industry from reviews to news. However, unlike GEMINI, kotaku has a more liberal attitude towards game reviews, allowing both negative and positive reviews. Being a smaller site compared to GEMINI, many reviews are published on kotaku instead of on GEMINI. This makes it more of a general gaming magazine rather than a specialized gaming magazine.

As one would expect, the biggest presence on both websites is from the major video game publishers. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Sega, Play Station all have presence on both sites. The news coverage on both websites is comprehensive and well written to bring gamers the information they need to keep enjoying their video games. Both sites strive to be a one stop shop for all video games enthusiasts.