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GAME NEWS is a small, yet well-known independent game developer based in south-western europe. This french-based small corporation started development in 1997 and has focused on PC video games ever since. This article will focus on the EUR/EUR based game CALLING HOME, which was developed byGAME TODAY.

As soon as we started to play the demo of CALLING HOME (cue game: Nail’d in France), we were immediately engrossed and glued to the game for several hours. The scenes are beautifully illustrated with beautiful colors and the whole appearance is very captivating. The music is composed by Kevin Costner and the voice-overs do an excellent job of portraying the characters. This is actually not your ordinary video game; you will find yourself immersed in the story right from the start. So, you will need to spend time just enjoying the story and the characters.

As soon as we finished playing, we noticed that the game informer had provided us with information about the levels of the various characters. The story itself is captivating and definitely worth your time. As soon as we started playing the second chapter of the game, we were hooked. In addition to that, the various gaming tools like the scorecard, which can be adjusted, the bonus chart and the Nintendo badges are quite helpful.

We were quite impressed with the fact that a small independent game publishing company managed to establish such a strong presence in the global scene. The fact that they managed to get the game “Nail’d in France” to number one on the European charts is a clear indication of the quality of the products they release. However, it was only after purchasing the said game did we come to know how impressive the collection of games and the way the company interacts with its customers is. They provide us with valuable information every week by sending us a news letter regarding their earnings and the number of new releases they have in store. This also enables us to keep abreast of the newest trends in video game journalism.

The next time you need to find out more about a particular video game, you can rely on the Game News Network for all your gaming information needs. Their customer service and assistance is quite efficient and they always make sure their customers are satisfied. If you are wondering how a video games journalism organization could become a success in such a competitive industry, they state that they have implemented a set of strict policies to ensure this is the case. This would include having an accurate and complete list of all video games being released in the market along with a complete list of their prices. They also conduct interviews with the gaming journalists and give out advice and recommendations.

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