How GaaS Can Benefit You and Your Game Developers

What is Games as a Service(GaaS)? GaaS is an application that offers online gaming opportunities to a range of clients. It acts as a continual revenue stream for game developers, enabling them to sidestep their dependence on the ever increasing one-time sale. By having more online games being developed each year, GaaS provides them with a distinct competitive edge in the ongoing struggle for user traffic. Let us look at how this service works.

How does GaaS work? Like all the traditional multiplayer games, when a player clicks on one of the in-game buttons such as a sword or shield, the corresponding game service provider (GPS) tracks the movement of the player’s character and issues payments to their virtual account based on these game actions. These payments are made to game developers, who in turn, are then paid by the players who play using their credits. Here are some of the major areas where GaaS can benefit a company:

Become a developer: Just like traditional publishers, the major game developers have their own channels and methods of selling games. But with gas, they can bypass the middlemen. In other words, by offering a direct game sale, players will have access to the source from which they can download their games. They no longer need to visit the website of the publisher to get the game or its components. Instead, they can now go directly to the source.

Advertise and sell on Steam: Millions of people play computer games on Steam, the leading digital game platform, and there are definitely opportunities to make money from them. GaaS allows developers to create and publish a range of games on the popular platform. And by registering a dedicated Asa subscriber, companies can advertise their games directly, which will generate more potential customers. The Asa service also enables publishers to set up promotions and competitions on Steam that will attract new subscribers. This will further expand the scope for games publishers to make more profit.

Advertise and sell in mobile apps: Mobile gaming is growing at a phenomenal pace. With more people daily using their mobile devices to access the Internet, it’s no wonder that there is so much potential in this area. One of the biggest advantages with the gas is that it enables companies to reach the right audience with the right content. The Asa platform allows companies to publish apps that feature a wide range of content. From flash games to augmented reality games and more, they can all be advertised in mobile apps.

Take the benefits above into account. GaaS provides a flexible way for companies to publish games online. It also leverages the massive power of the Internet to reach new players and give existing players more options to play with. Its simple to set up also means that it doesn’t need any upfront capital to get started. As more companies explore the unlimited possibilities provided by GaaS, you can be sure that the online gaming experience will become even more exciting.