Varieties of Games


Varieties of Games

Games are the pastimes of choice for a large number of people throughout the world. A variety of games are available in the market. They are divided into action games and card games.

In card games like solitaire, all the players have to do is to try to clear all the cards by matching the same color to the same number on the deck by following the game theory. Players may also get help from the dealer by using the main article card game to guide them. In computer games too, there are sub-genres like cube games and tower defense. In both, players may follow the main article on game theory to clear their way through the game.

There are other types of games that include many types of equipment for playing. In Monopoly, players use real estate to buy properties to place their money into and it is called equity. Board games like Risk also feature a board with numbered points and players have to move their money from the bank to get to the property they want to buy. In many of these board games too, players may get assistance from the main article on game theory.

Apart from these, there are other kinds of games that include dice and counters. Dice games involve random numbers or counters that are rolled over by the dice to determine the outcome of the game. Board games such as Candy Land are played using counters that have different values and can be used to make decisions about how the pieces on the board will move. Some examples of games that use dice and counters are Clue, Quiximity and Backgammon. The main article on board game theory describes how the values on the counters can influence the outcome of the game.

Among the many types of board games available, carom, hopscotch, jokers and lotto are the oldest and best known ones. Many of these games are based on simple sets of rules like the first three letters of the alphabet. There is nothing special about these games. They are popular because they are simple and easy to learn and play. For example, the first letter of a carom game can denote any one of the letters in a word, and the first letter of the lotto game is completely random.

Chess and checkers are the two most famous games used in casino and gambling. These two games use a board covered with very solid boards covered with colored pieces that are controlled by a particular player. The object of the game is for the player to eliminate all the pieces from a round and to become the last remaining piece standing. A particular player stands a better chance of eliminating his opponent if he makes a series of strategic moves. This article on the main article describes the characteristics of the chess and the checkerboard.