GameSpot plagiarizes Other Video Games?

GAME NAUTICUS is the latest video game from Canadian company Game Studio, makers of puzzle game Jade. The game follows in the footsteps of other notable interactive Fiction titles such as Manic Picnic, Hohokum and Sherlock Holmes. In addition to being a highly innovative puzzle game, it also boasts an interesting story line and some excellent sound effects. This leaves me wondering how much further Game Studio is able to push the video game industry with their next release. My anticipation has been building ever since the reveal of the teaser trailer at the Game Developers Conference 2021.

The game will feature the participation of a number of prominent video game journalists from around the world. A brief interview with one of these journalists can be found on the Game Detectives website. In the clip the game’s producer, Michael Cappiello, was seen discussing the possibility of having interviews with leading gaming professionals. This would allow him to gain an understanding of what their thoughts on the new game were. It also provided Game Detectives with the chance to conduct further research into the mysterious’Reservoir 11′ case that made the company famous.

In the clip Cappiello was also seen asking if there would be interviews with some of the game journalists that would be featured on the Game Detectives site. This led me to believe that we may see a new games journalism feature on the Game Detectives website very soon. I have reached this conclusion after reading through the company’s About Us page. There is a section on the site that highlights their history, goals and features. It also provides background information on them being founded by former Canadian news anchor, Glen McPherson. This company prides itself on being completely independent and not affiliated with any gaming companies or media outlets.

Another possibility that I believe we may be seeing in the near future is that Game Detectives will become the media outlet covering GameSpot. This, however, would be a bad thing for indie game publishers as well as independent video game developers. This is because GameSpot has a reputation for being biased towards major video game publishing. They have even been known to steal content and information straight from these games without giving credit where credit is due. This would put all the new game developers and gamers at a severe disadvantage due to the fact that we as a society depend heavily upon the media for our opinions and information.

There is one possibility that I do not think is likely. I believe that the recent controversy surrounding Indie GameSpot plagiarized content could hurt the independent video game industry. Many game publishers and developers fear that with the potential of having their work stolen by another media outlet; they will no longer be able to get full video game industry credit for their products. I believe this will only hurt the independent game industry which in my opinion is essential to the continued growth of this industry.

If you are an indie game developer and have not signed up with a video game news service yet, I highly recommend that you do so. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed by what the future holds for video games news. Independent sites provide a unique perspective on the independent gaming community and have an invaluable understanding of how gaming journalists make their decisions. This is not only important to the gaming industry but is also key to your business as an independent gamer.