Gaming May Cause Serious Mental Disorders


Gaming May Cause Serious Mental Disorders

Gamers have been enjoying games from the very beginning. Many forms of entertainment have evolved and there has been a drastic change in the way computer games have been played. Back in the days, computer games were text-based. The player input the commands to move the character on the screen. It was a game more comparable to playing a card or a board game than it was to play a quality interactive game.

Video games changed drastically over the years. Graphics started to become more life-like and realistic. Now a video game or online computer game is more than just text, it is images, sounds, and interaction with a variety of devices including joysticks, controllers, keyboards, and trackballs. Gamers can create their own character and play a role-playing game using a variety of devices. They can be an officer in the military or a private detective investigating a murder. Most people playing games will find themselves engaged in many different activities while playing games.

Gamers have also enjoyed the introduction of game consoles to the market. Video game consoles allow players to connect to the world wide web on their game consoles and use the web to play online video games. Many players log onto their game consoles every single day and spend hours playing games, replays, or even challenges. There are some issues with these types of activities, but most states have put into place laws that regulate gaming and it is very easy to find out where one’s time limit or other safety settings are set to limit game play.

The World Health Organization estimates that as much as four percent of the population in the United States suffers from some type of internet gaming disorder. Many of the individuals who are suffering from this disorder do not realize they are doing anything wrong. This is because the majority of the world today plays games on the internet and it is extremely easy to go back and forth between internet video gaming sites. The problem with having this type of disorder can be very serious. It can lead to depression, substance abuse, and other serious mental disorders. It is important that anyone who is suffering from any type of internet gaming disorder be evaluated by their family doctor and treated for the disorder.

Being able to overcome a gaming disorder is a major goal for many gamers. Some gamers find that playing video games improves their ability to be productive members of society. It is also good for relaxation and an outlet for creativity. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who are abusing gaming disorder which leads to other problems such as violence, suicide attempts, sexual abuse, and even drugs and other illegal activities. Many times, younger children are playing games and using their imaginations and these children can develop a sense of authority and become skilled at using weapons and breaking very strict rules that adults live by.

It is very easy to enjoy many games if you set the right safety settings. If you find that you are having issues with your behavior and getting involved in too much trouble, then it may be time to consider changing the way you play online games. Having the proper safety settings will allow you to enjoy many safe online gaming hours without having to worry about losing your mind or your life.