Is Female Video Game Programmers Embracing Gaming?


Is Female Video Game Programmers Embracing Gaming?

If you’re familiar with popular console video games, then you may already know what Gamerscore is. Gamerscore is a score that is determined by players at any online role-playing video game site. In short, it is the number of points that you have earned for completing various activities within a role-playing video game. Essentially, a player’s score is a measure of how far they have gone when playing the game. While this doesn’t seem like too big of a factor, players can rack up a huge amount of Gamerscore very quickly.

So why is this so important? Well, a large part of the enjoyment of role-playing video games comes from the in-depth interaction with characters and the overall theme of the game itself. A lot of modern gaming themes revolve around popular characters, popular themes, or established game mechanics and concepts. It is in this environment that someone who has only played a handful of games should really be asking some questions about gaming mechanics, character development, game pacing, etc. But if all they are doing is simply clicking their mouse to earn a few points, then the experience is truly meaningless and has very little meaning.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all electronic games should be devoid of story or characters. That would severely limit the range of potential gamers out there today! However, with that said, it is still important that the plot of a game can be developed to a sufficient degree to allow for meaningful interaction between players. It is my contention that most video games released today have a problem with developing strong plots and characters due to the development requirements that come along with utilizing sophisticated gaming technology. As a result, most games that are released today don’t have enough content or replay value to make them worth playing.

This problem was obviously a problem for developers to overcome. In order to address this issue, many game designers started “focusing” on creating better puzzles and characters to carry out puzzle-solving quests within the larger framework of the storyline. In this way, puzzle-solving is still an integral component of playing games, but it is no longer the primary focus. In other words, it can be said that without puzzle-solving, most video games would not be complete. Of course, without strong characters to support the plots, all of the other components of the game would eventually lose their appeal.

Another interesting aspect of this subject is the realization that many people think of adventure games when they think of all the genres of multimedia entertainment available today. It surprises me how few people actually consider that the video game genre could even have any competition from other forms of entertainment. To me, it seems obvious that anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly not an expert in this topic, because I have never personally met anyone who had the interest or the ability to successfully play an adventure game before. So the next time someone asks you this question, what you should really answer is “BIG!” and then give them a hearty smile.

The next time someone asks you this question, you can tell them that you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all the possibilities in this genre. The next time that someone mentions that there are only female gamers in the world, don’t dismiss their argument with a snort. On the other hand, don’t get too excited because female gamers are just about as successful as male gamers (though they still aren’t as popular as the other major gaming demographics), which means that there is plenty of room for more diversity in gaming.